7 Common Causes of Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage restoration Process

None of us could imagine life without water. A vital natural resource with numerous functional advantages, water keeps our life functions flowing. Yet, at the same time, water can cause incredible destruction to property (home, building, shops) and environments (a flooded backyard, erosion, and destruction to beaches). As much as we all need it to live, just consider, water is the common destructive denominator in most natural catastrophes like floods, hurricanes, and heavy rainfall?
It’s not hard to imagine the damage water can do to your home.

Water damage attacks a property in various ways. While it won’t necessarily enter every space, when it does manage to wriggle and seep into prohibited spaces, it can distort flooring…regardless of what kind of flooring you have. If water comes in contact with the walls, the embellished and beautifully painted wall surface gets badly affected with prominent discoloring. Water can also leave the remanent of insidious mold and mildew in its wake, and mold can release toxins into the air as well as ruin the aesthetics of a room.

Water damage can genuinely spread havoc in many places of a living space, and if not remediated by a professional water damage restoration service, the results could be dire.

7 Main Sources Of Water Damage

Harsh Weather, The most common factor of water damage is severe weather. Floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and heavy rainfall smack your property with powerful waterfall. High winds and rainstorms can deface your roof, which results in water entering the property through a distorted roof. If it can, water will get it, especially if your home is pelted for a long time with the heavy rainfall of a storm.

1. Blocked Drains

Extreme weather is such a common, prominent factor of water damage that other water damage sources are often ignored. But blocked drains all too easily cause flooding and can lead to long-term water property damage. For example, clogged drains in a bathroom floor, bathtub, and kitchen sink can get blocked for many reasons (the accumulation of dirt, toys, hair), thwarting free-flowing drain pipe functions, blocked drains cause home water accumulation, and at worse, flooding.

2. Malfunctioning Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are great at saving lives and property when a fierce house fire ignites. The issue with water flooding comes when that sprinkler system flicks on, and there is no fire in your home. Imagine the havoc from this water flowing, for no reason, throughout your residence! Beyond just water damage, consider the possibility of horrible consequences when unchecked water flows past, around, and into appliances, electronic devices, and extensions connected to electrical switches!

3. Leaking Pipes

Have you noticed how many leaking pipes in your kitchen sink damage the underside of your cabinets? This leaking is not only limited to your cabinets, though. If there is a leaking pipe inside the walls—one you might not even realize—the situation can become compounded. On a larger scale than just a home water leakage, a water-damaged wall can stimulate mold colony formation. As a result, you’ll soon need mold removal and remediation in your home to combat yet another problem caused by water.

4. Water Heaters

It’s just a fact of life; at one time or another, most of us experience a home water heater leak. Particularly if you have a water heater that’s been working for you and your family for a long time. How many homeowners have skipped down their basement steps only to find a growing puddle around their heater…or a flood in the basement?

5. Air Conditioner

Air conditioners release moisture. Checking for moisture next to an A.C.’s drywall will indicate if the unit is fitted correctly and leaking. But there might be unrestrained dripping, not so easily seen, that can cause home water damage.

6. Gutters

Like severe rainfall, clogged gutters are another important external factor to destructive water build-up that should be considered. Litter and leave accumulation in gutters prevent the free flow of water away from your home’s foundation. Furthermore, garbage waste build-up can cause a water spill from the other side of the gutter, resulting in an awful house flood.

Water damage is primarily divided into two groups.

Did you know: water discharging inside your home is even more important to be protected from because water leakage from internal sources occurs more than from external sources.

The water that leaks or floods into your home are primarily divided into three groups:

Did you know: water discharging inside your home is even more important to be protected from because water leakage from internal sources occurs more than from external sources.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Is Imperative.

When water leakage occurs inside your home, pure or greywater can quickly turn into black water and swiftly become virulent. This black water and the objects polluted by it can contaminate even the cleanest house and pollute the air in a residence even after the water has dried. Therefore, you need to have this water removed as quickly as possible…and removed by an experienced water removal and remediation crew.
Professional water restoration services should always be called for the removal of black water. Only the experts know how to purify your space while following the safety protocols.

4 Tips To Follow After a Water-Related Emergency Breakout

It’s natural to panic when any home water emergency occurs. The tips below could well save your property and your house from further water damage until the water restoration service arrives:
Water has extraordinary power to spread fast and rapidly damage. If there has been a water heater leakage for the entire night, be prepared to experience gallons of water damaging the foundation of your property. If you have had a leaky pipe sweating behind your wall for some time, don’t be surprised at how much mold remediation you might need. Only professional water restoration, water damage, and mold remediation experts can perform this very specific work to make your house dry and habitable….and safe.

Taking Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Now you understand how water can get into your property and damage it, how important it is to understand water damage, and what steps you can immediately take to minimize the water damage. We are right here to save your property and keep it in shape with our water restoration services. Whenever a water emergency breaks out, give us a call, and we will reach into time to prevent water damage.