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Dryer vents


Looking to have your dryer vents cleaning service done? 

We can help! We offer the best professional dryer vents cleaning services. We are a HVAC company committed to providing high-quality results for all your dryer duct cleaning needs. BenzVac offers superior dryer vent cleaning near me, so contact us today to avail our dryer cleaning service.

BenzVac Company is a fully-prepared, fully equipped team of experts. We show up to every appointment ready to deal with any scenario. From repairing hazardous ducts to cleaning out ventilation pipes, you can count on us to get the job done. Call us and schedule an appointment today to get your dryer vents cleaned at home or for your business.

Why do you need to get your Dryer Vent Cleaning Done?

A clogged dryer duct system will cause a range of issues. That’s why we offer professional dryer duct cleaning service that will unclog your dryer’s vents and pipes, providing the following benefits:

  • Prevent Hazardous Fires.
    Many people don’t realize that a clogged air vent or dryer duct can be a major cause of hazardous house fires. BenzVac are the vent cleaning wizards! We make sure your dryer is thoroughly cleaned so you can do your laundry without any concern.
  • Increase Dryer Efficiency.
    Noticing that your dryer doesn’t work as efficiently as before? It might be because it has a clogged vent. Getting the vent properly cleaned will allow you to get better drying potential from your dryer. We offer professional clothes dryer cleaning, so get in touch today.
  • Save Utility Costs.
    A clogged dryer will take up more energy and eventually result in greater utility costs. We make sure to thoroughly clean out your dryer’s exhaust vent so that it looks good as new and won’t waste excessive energy.
  • Save Time.
    A clogged dryer vent can result in your dryer taking more time to dry clothes. More time on laundry increases your bills and can be better spent elsewhere. We at BenzVac care about your time, which is why we offer speedy and thorough dryer cleaning service.
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What causes dryer vents to clog?

  • Lint accumulation in the exhaust vent pipe.
  • Longer vents: dryers with longer vents have a higher chance of clogging because the lint has to travel farther.
  • Curves or turns in vent pipe allow for buildup of lint.
  • Animals or birds in the vent pipe.
  • Poorly connected internal ducts.

At BenzVac, we equip your dryer so that it runs as effectively as possible. From cleaning out the internal vents to patching up the exterior pipes so that animals can’t get through, we’ll make sure that your dryer functions perfectly in the long-term.

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