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Clean Your HVAC Ducts Now

Let us answer if and why you should contact us to clean your HVAC ducts. Now that the dog days of summer have come to New Jersey, where BenzVac is located (we service NJ, NY and Long Island), people run their AC units. And they are running them often and running them hard! 

By now, homeowners, as well as owners of pizza parlors, should, at the very least, have had their air conditioning filters cleaned. If you didn’t or forgot to clean them before you turned your air conditioner on, don’t worry, it’s not too late to replace filters. It’s also not too late to call an air duct cleaning service to visit your shop or home to make sure you’re AC unit is working at peak efficiency.

Professional air duct cleaning removes dirt, allergens, and other detritus that naturally accumulate in the home or retail space air duct systems. Beyond these materials, countless harmful microscopic particles gather in your air ducts that can only be adequately removed by a professional HVAC cleaning service. 

Running an air conditioning system filled with these particles is not only a hazard to the health of customers, family and visitors who breathe the air the air-conditioner circulates, it also makes the AC unit work harder to do its job, filled with these pollutants as it is.

And that means an increase in power costs.
Professional-grade equipment, such as powerful vacuums and specialized conduit cleaning brushes, are employed to adequately release particles from the duct system and then siphoned it away. A further inspection is made of the ductwork to make sure it is spotless.

Productivity and cleanliness prevail with expert air duct cleaning. Clean your HVAC ducts now.

Certainly the New Jersey/New York area that BenzVac services are not the only area in the country where people use air conditioners so often. And not the only place where an air duct system can accumulate dust, mildew, and other materials.

Really everyone could benefit from a regular HVAC duct cleaning.