The Animals In Your Home vs. The Quality Of Your Air

Animals at home and air quality.

Air quality.

You don’t need a professional HVAC cleaning service to remind you how important it is that the air you breathe is clean. While we continue to hear so much about dangerous weather patterns and the deteriorating condition of Earth’s environment, the debate rages about what, if anything, we can do about global warming conditions.

But what we can do, at least, is keep the air in our immediate surroundings clean. And while you might be thinking that your indoor environment—workspace, home, favorite café’—is fresh, clean, and tidy, there are often issues with the air around us that would shock you so much you’d grab a brush, rubber gloves, and some soap and start cleaning right now!

Prevent Kids Allergies

And lots of these concerns, certainly with home clean air quality  issues, come from our pets. Sure, they deliver unconditional love, in some cases act as service animals, and we can’t imagine life without them.

But pets shed, molt, and some even lose whole layers of skin or scales naturally. And skin, scales, feathers, and shells contain microscopic particles, whether those particles come from dogs, rodents, cats, birds, and other animals with fur or feathers. And these bits of skin can, and so often do, cause allergies to sensitive people.


But the skin of your furriest of family members is not the only source of pollution in the room. Additional allergens originate from proteins that are found in animal saliva, urine, and feces. The microscopic particles from all of these can also cause reactions to sensitive or allergic people. Air quality.

And are dangerous to people who are not even allergic. Dried animal saliva (many animals lick themselves clean, and their saliva dries on their coats or skin) is also a problem many a professional home cleaner needs to watch for. This dander contains allergens that can flake off from an animal’s fur and become airborne.

Again, only professional home/office or commercial space cleaner could even begin to find and efficiently eradicate these pet worries. To improve air condition in a room, whether one has pets or not, air ducts should be cleaned frequently. This will assure that the hairs of pets, dust particles left from their shedding, that insidious dried dander, and other allergens will be cleaned and not infiltrate living spaces and offices.

Of course, the pet owner (yes, this means you!) also should keep their pets as clean, groomed, bathed, and healthy as possible. Special care should also be taken for ‘outdoor/indoor’ pets who have access to the outside then full reign inside a home. And, if a pet owner truly hopes to live in the cleanest environment, pets should be either kept off of furniture (especially cloth sofas or the plush sheets of beds) or at least have a specific spot they are always led to.

Call the professionals at BenzVac for your regular air duct and dryer vent cleaning and live inclean harmony with your pet.