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Who Is The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company In New Jersey

Who Is The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company in New Jersey?

Are you wondering who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey? You’ll learn the answer to your question here in this post! Here we will discuss NJ’s best dryer vent cleaning company and the important work that they do! So read on and enjoy!

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NJ’s Best Dryer Vent Cleaners Do Very Important Work!

There are many parts of the home that require routine maintenance to ensure they remain working appropriately, however, several people forget one of the most important – the vent of your dryer. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 2,900 fires occur each year in the United States alone originating from the dryer. Ensuring your dryer is cleaned and well-maintained helps in more ways than you may think. So who do you turn to for your important dryer vent cleaning needs in New Jersey?

Why do I need to clean my dryer vent?

With dryers accounting for nearly 3,000 fires each year in the United States alone, it is more important than ever to understand the importance of ensuring your dryer vent is properly maintained. Not only does a clogged dryer vent pose a risk of fire, but it can also lead to harmful chemicals and gas fumes being released into the air of your home that can significantly impact your health.

Fires originating with your dryer can pose a serious risk of causing extensive damage, totaling your home, or worse – claiming the life of you or a loved one. Experts report that failing to properly clean dryer vents accounts for approximately 34 percent of fires and is the leading cause of residential dryer fire.

What to expect with a professional dryer vent cleaning service

You may be wondering who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey. Well let’s get into all the facts!

Have you chosen a company suited to meet your needs for cleaning the vent of your dryer but are unsure of what to expect? We are here to answer your questions and explain what is dryer vent cleaning and why do you need it too.

To begin, the highly skilled technician will locate the dryer cap outside of your home and remove it. He will then determine the necessary equipment such as the length of hose needed and gather it to begin work immediately.

The hose of the vacuum is inserted into the vent to remove all dirt and debris buildup inside the vent. Your technician will provide extra attention to areas harder to reach like the elbows or bends of the piping. If necessary, a specialized brush is inserted to scrape away debris that has become stuck.

Upon request, your technician may perform a diagnostic test after cleanup has been completed to ensure your dryer is working properly and to determine if harmful gasses are being emitted.

Once the job has been completed, the technician will gather all equipment that was used, place the cap back on the outer dryer vent, and be on their way.

More About NJ Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

If you live in New Jersey or any other surrounding area, you will know that there are a ton of dryer vent cleaning services in the state. And you may wonder why this is?

The climate in New Jersey and other surrounding states causes dryers to need to be serviced much more frequently than in other states. The changes in seasons and temperatures are extreme, causing dryer vents to work a little harder than in areas that have a more stable temperature pattern. So if you are living in New Jersey you should be certain to clean and properly maintain dryer vents at a higher frequency than the average home owner.

Signs your dryer vent is clogged or dirty

Have you noticed it is taking much longer to dry your clothes after they have been washed? Maybe you find yourself drying your clothes two or three times rather than once? This is a tell-tale sign that your dryer vent is likely clogged and in desperate need of cleaning. And this might cause you to wonder who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey?

Other common signs that it might be time for your dryer vent to be cleaned include:

  • It requires multiple drying cycles to dry your clothes
  • Your laundry room is much hotter while the dryer is running
  • You find excessive amounts of lint inside the lint trap while cleaning
  • Clothes are extremely hot when taking them out of the dryer
  • Dirt and debris are visible within the dryer vent

During a normal drying cycle, your clothes are dried with heat produced by the dryer then undergo a cooling cycle at the end to ensure you are not burned or harmed when removing the clothes from the dryer. When the vent is clogged, your dryer cannot function appropriately meaning your clothes may be too hot when you attempt to remove them.

If you experience any of the previously mentioned signs from your laundry and/or dryer or experience an unusual or musty smell during a drying cycle, it is important to have your dryer vent inspected immediately.

Benefits of professionally cleaning the dryer vent

A clogged dryer vent creates a highly flammable environment posing an extreme risk of extensive damage whether it be structural damage from fire or harm to your health from toxic gasses. You can clean your dryer vent yourself, however, it is important to understand that you are less likely to get all nooks and crannies that a professional can reach. So let’s continue to discuss who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey.

It is recommended to clean the dryer vent at least once per year. In doing so, you can expect the following results:

Reduced electric bill

Have you recently noticed a significant increase in your electric bill? This is likely the direct result of an overactive dryer. When your dryer is not properly cleaned and maintained, it is forced to work overtime each time it is in use. As a result, you are more likely to see an increase in energy consumption as it takes more energy to help your dryer keep up.

A longer lifespan for your dryer

A dirty dryer often experiences premature wear as it is forced to work harder. Because of this, without proper maintenance, you are less likely to reap the full benefits of the dryer and may find yourself purchasing a new one before the warranty expires.

Faster drying times

When your dryer becomes clogged with dirt, debris, and excess lint, it cannot dry clothes as effectively. If you experience longer drying times or have to repeat a drying cycle multiple times to fully dry clothes, it might be time to inspect your vent.

BenzVac Is The Best New Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

At BenzVac, we specialize in HVAC cleaning technology including cleaning furnaces, carpets, and ventilation systems in commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Our team of experts believes in providing a healthy, safe, non-toxic environment for each customer as the health of yourself and your family should remain a top priority.

Our team is available 7 days per week with flexible scheduling available to include emergency service, same day dryer vent cleaning and repair work. Work provided by BenzVac is backed by a limited warranty with 100 percent results upon the completion of services. You should now have a better idea of who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey – and the answer is BenzVac!

Take a look at our locations in New Jersey below and give us a call to begin work with the best NJ dryer vent cleaning company!

To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, call our office today! You should now have a better idea of who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey!

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