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Who Is The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company In Bergen County, NJ?

With a lot of companies on the market, let’s see who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in Bergen county, NJ.

Bergen County, New Jersey is in the Northernmost part on NJ. There are tons of dryer vent cleaning company in the area- which is also considered the New York Metro Area. You’re going to find a number of wonderful commercial air duct cleaning Paramus services. These companies will generally also offer dryer vent cleaning in addition to the commercial or office air duct cleaning. Because of the high density of businesses, it’s important to sort through your choices carefully.

For this reason, we will explain to you how to find the best dryer vent cleaning company and professional services in Bergen County and what you can do to ensure the company you choose is really the best.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

There are many things people rely on each day that require routine maintenance such as the vehicle you drive, the air conditioning system of your home, and even the dryer used to dry your clothes, however, your residential dryer is among the least maintained appliances in the home. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, failing to properly clean the dryer accounts for 34 percent of residential fires in the United States alone. So who is the best dryer vent cleaning company in Bergen county?

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What is the purpose of a dryer vent?

Each dryer is equipped with many parts that must work simultaneously to ensure it is working appropriately – but what does the dryer vent do? The dryer vent is responsible for creating an airway that allows hot air and moisture to be released outside rather than exposing your household to toxic chemicals.

During the drying process, moisture inside the vent piping allows lint and other debris to get stuck making cleaning more difficult. When the dryer vent becomes clogged adequate ventilation is impossible leading to a buildup of carbon monoxide that poses a serious health risk to you and your family.

With an excess buildup of dirt and debris in the pipes responsible for releasing heat and moisture, cleaning the dryer vent on your own can become nearly impossible. Professional dryer vent cleaners are highly skilled in removing even the most difficult-to-reach areas of the dryer vent.

How is the dryer vent cleaned?

To clean the vent of your dryer, a technician will begin by locating the vent cap located on the outside of your home and removing it. Once the vent cap has been removed an assessment is conducted to determine what tools and equipment will be needed as well as the length of vacuum hose needed to complete the job.

A skilled technician will utilize a specialized vacuum with flexible hosing to remove lint and debris from the dryer vent. For those harder to reach spaces or areas of vent that have lint stuck to the sides, a scraping tool is used to scrape away the lint to be removed by the vacuum.

Reasons to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned

It is estimated that 2,900 dryer fires occur each year resulting in millions of dollars in damages, injury, or death.

Thinking you can clean the dryer vent on your own? Why pay for something you can do by yourself and save a few dollars, right? Wrong. Professionals highly trained in cleaning dryer vents use specialized tools and equipment to reach every angle possible allowing a clear passage for moisture, heat, and fumes to be released outside.

Utilizing a professional dryer vent cleaning company helps in many ways including:

  • Preventing premature wear on your dryer
  • Energy saving
  • Faster drying times
  • Reduced toxins and allergens

Residential, commercial, and industrial dryers have a direct impact on energy consumption. When the dryer cannot function as intended, your electric bill suffers greatly.

How to know when the dryer vent needs to be cleaned

Have you noticed recently that you have had to repeat drying cycles for your clothes to fully dry? Maybe the clothes are coming out scorching hot after the cycle has been completed? These are two obvious signs that it is time to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned as lint and debris have begun blocking the passage that allows heat and moisture to be released. As a result, your dryer is unable to function as it was built leading to many undesirable effects.

Experts recommend having the dryer vent professionally cleaned at least once per year or every six months if you use the dryer frequently. Without proper maintenance, you may experience an increase in your electric bill as the dryer is forced to work overtime creating an increase in energy consumption.

Without proper maintenance, you are at an increased risk of toxic fumes like carbon monoxide being emitted into your home. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly toxin that produces no odor, color, or taste. It is often undetectable until you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal without immediate treatment.

Who is The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Company In Bergen County?

At BenzVac, we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe environment for you whether it be in a residential, commercial, or industrial property. Our team of skilled technicians offers a wide variety of services including:

We are an air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning company that provides services for all those in need including residential, commercial, and industrial properties like retail buildings, offices, factories, condos, and townhomes.

Have you experienced an unknown increase in your electric bill or excessive drying times? Through our years of experience, we have determined these are two tell-tale signs that your dryer vent has become clogged and is in dire need of a professional cleaning service. Our dryer vent cleaning services help to provide a few crucial benefits to you and your family including fire prevention, increased efficiency, a decreased utility bill, and valuable time saved.

How do we differ from others? At BenzVac we utilize state-of-the-art tools and equipment to thoroughly remove dirt, lint, and other buildups within the dryer vent exhaust. We make it a point to reach the areas that you may not be able to reach on your own like the bends and elbows of pipes as it is common for lint to become trapped in these areas.

Whether you need emergency services or scheduled cleaning and repairs, we have got you covered with our 7-days a week availability with flexible scheduling. Do not wait until a potentially fatal situation occurs, call or visit our convenient website to schedule your yearly maintenance today!

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