How To Prevent KIDS Allergies

Prevent Our Kids From Getting Allergies

How to prevent kids allergies? What you should do?

No parent wants their child to feel ill. But children are prone to illnesses, especially allergies, with their immune systems not as hearty as adults. How to prevent kids allergies? For a child, it’s a veritable minefield of dangerous potential at the schoolyard, at home, even running through a park where so many plants, grass and flowers can irritate allergies. Indeed, in states like New Jersey or other place where residents see the full blush of all seasons, all manner of allergens take to the air!

And as any doctor will advise, where one kid reacts to various substances, another never will; there is no rhyme or reason to why our immune system works as it does.

This is even true for adults.

Prevent Kids Allergies

Allergens can be of various types; they can emanate from foods, pollen grains, dust particles, pets, medicines, and chemicals. 

And while it’s probably best to stay away from that which bothers you, it’s not always easy for kids to stay clear and sniffle free when they pretty much get into everything during their play and interactions with other kids. 

And even when we do know what to avoid, purposely keep our little one clear of that bowl of strawberries, or make sure they don’t get too close to a neighbor’s cat, there are so many sinister little allergens just waiting to tickle, tease and taunt a child’s immune system.

Really, there is no way to keep our kids completely allergy free, especially when they are at school, visiting a friend, or playing outside.
But we can reduce their risk of exposure to allergens in our homes.

Dust mites are insects that live all around us in the dust, in our bedrooms, carpets, and air vents. These tiny particles are the main allergic component of house dust. In addition to this irritant, pollen can also pollute the indoor environment of a house (kids running in and out all the time bring so much of the outside world inside). 

If a household has a pet, the furry family members can also add to the allergens in even the cleanest home. With their shedding hair and dried saliva flaking off their fur, pets cause lots of sneezing and wheezing. Bugs can also find a home in home duck work, kitchen sewers, and crawl spaces of a house, and they add so much to the allergy equation.

The best any parent can hope for is ‘preventative medicine’ when it comes to battling their children’s allergies at home. And the very best medicine for battling those allergies is by making sure your home is cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning service.

professional air duct cleaning will rid particles from spaces. From inspecting the ductwork to using pro-grade powerful vacuums and conduit cleaning brushes, the pro cleaning crew gets into the deepest areas of a home. Allergens, mildew, dust, and others residue is taken away so your entire family, kids as well as adults, can be assured of breathing fresh air.

Call us today to see how we can help to make your home allergens free and reduce your stress in connection and prevention kids allergies.

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Remember, you can have symptoms and continue to develop serious condition without even knowing where it comes from.