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AIR DUCTS At Your Local Mall: The Pro Cleaner’s Worry

Air Ducts At Your Local Mall

Did you ever thought how big and dirty can air ducts at your local mall be? It was anybody’s guess when (or even if) the American Dream Mall in the Meadowlands Complex in East Rutherford, N.J. would ever open. 

During the on-again-off-again-on-again construction of the mega retail and indoor family entertainment space, residents, builders, and undoubtedly nervous retailers were forever left wondering just over the status of the place. But as we all have seen, and especially running an HVAC cleaning service based in New Jersey, we are happy to report the mall is opened and bustling.

Running an air duct cleaning business for commercial, real estate, and retail properties, we look at a space like American Dream in an entirely different way than the everyday shopper. We don’t simply push through doors, wander, and wonder at all the sights and sounds, or head on over to buy a Cinnabon. Instead, we experience a mall, any retail space, differently….
Mainly with an eye on how best to clean the workspaces we see around us. The everyday New Jersey consumer could never imagine all the potential harmful allergens and diseases floating around even the cleanest and well-ventilated stores and retail areas. It’s our job, though, as it is for all the behind-the-scenes workers who clean and maintain retail and commercial properties to constantly consider the many toxins, air-borne diseases, soot, debris, food garbage our public shopping spaces might contain.

We can’t all be the king of the world (or even a salesman or shop owner); some people keep the machines running as well as clean them. Considering the pandemic shutdown, all the retail cleaning for COVID that had to be done (and continues to be attended to) concerns about hygiene and disease are at an all-time high. 

Yet, as much as we all know healthcare workers do their very best to avoid the spread of illness, there are professional air duct cleaning services working hard to make sure our outdoor spaces, from the new mall to an amusement park to your doctor’s office, are as clean as they can be.