Signs Your Air Duct System Needs Cleaning

Signs Your Air Duct System Needs Cleaning

In this post, you will learn signs your air duct system needs cleaning.  Read along to learn everything you need to know!

When it comes to your HVAC system, it’s important to remember that your air ducts need regular maintenance to keep the entire system working the way you need it to. This includes making sure that your air ducts are being cleaned and sanitized when they need it. You don’t want to face the consequences a dirty air duct system can bring to your New Jersey home or your wallet. 

Keeping your air duct system clean reduces the risk of dust, dirt, and other allergens impacting your health, as well as more dangerous contaminants like mold and mildew. Combined with regular filter replacements, regular cleaning dramatically improves the air quality in your home. 

Cleaning and sanitization of your air ducts will also keep it from working harder, which both extends the life of your system and reduces electricity costs. This is especially important when dealing with extreme temperature changes in the summer and winter when you rely on heat and air conditioning the most. 

But how do you know when your air duct system needs to be cleaned? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve identified some of the most common ways to tell if your air ducts need to be cleaned in this article. With this handy reference guide, you’ll keep your air duct system spotless and working for you!


The Home Was Recently Built Or Renovated 

Any kind of major construction or renovation comes with dust and debris, which will end up in your air duct system and requires air duct cleaning.  Companies like BenzVac offer this service to commercial and residential clients and emphasize its importance.  In addition to this, they offer dryer vent cleaning and furnace cleaning too and a variety of other services.

This dust often contains particulate matter that can severely impact your health, causing breathing issues and even severe respiratory problems if left unchecked. You should have your air ducts thoroughly cleaned after any home renovations are completed, even if your HVAC units were turned off during construction. The settling of dust from construction can cause extra allergens in your fabrics and carpet, requiring cleaning. 

Your Energy Bill Is Unusually High

Your energy bill should stay pretty consistent from year to year, even taking into account the natural increase in usage during certain seasons. If you receive a bill that seems unreasonably high compared to the same period of time as the previous year, a dirty air duct system could be the reason. Scheduling regular air duct cleanings will keep your energy costs reasonable all year round. 

You Go Through a Lot of Air Filters 

If you replace your air filters more than once every 60 days due to poor airflow or heavy dirt accumulation, your air duct system may be the problem. Filters needing to be replaced often are often the first indicator to clean the air duct system. Continuing to ignore dirty filters can result in your HVAC system stopping up and allows water damage in your home or business. 

Experiencing  a Large Amount of Dust  

Does it seem like no matter how much you dust you still find it all over your home? This dust could also be in your air ducts and requires regular removal. Check your air vents for visible dust on the vent covers and remove them. Look behind the filter and check the ductwork. If there is visible dust clinging to the metal, your air duct system likely needs to be cleaned. When a heat source is exposed to a large accumulation of dust buildup, it also creates an ignition source. It is much less expensive to clean your ducts than to face a fire damage service.