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What are the main causes of water damage to your home

What Are The Main Causes Of Water Damage To Your Home?


In this post, you will learn what are the main causes of water damage to your home?.  Read along to learn everything you need to know!

Like many homeowners, if you are concerned about the main causes of possible water damage to your home – read on!  When you own a home, you know there are many maintenance items that need to be done periodically to keep your house in tip-top shape. 

Over the life of your home, however, even with good maintenance, you will need to make repairs to damaged items or replace old parts. Although there might be many reasons for water infiltration, here is a list of the most common and problematic instances where you might experience water damage in your home:

A Roof Leak

A sturdy, well-maintained roof is key for protecting against the weather.  As your roof ages, the shingles will begin to break down causing them to lift or disintegrate.  Hard rains or winds can displace them causing leaks under the sheafing. 

Once the elements have access to your home via these areas, if unchecked, water can encroach and will eventually damage insulation, ceilings, and drywall.

Water damage and your home
Water damage and your home

Excess Rain and Flooding

In areas of the country that experience seasonal heavy rains, tropical storms, or hurricanes, flooding can be a major concern.  Most other types of potential water damage can be mitigated or eliminated by periodic inspections of possible entry points or worn and decaying elements.  There is very little that can be done to protect against encroaching floodwaters. 

Have the phone number of a reputable restoration and mitigation company within easy access should you find yourself in this situation.

A Blocked Drain

A blocked drain or sump pump can be a nightmare, especially when a backup is not discovered for hours or days.  At least once a year, plan a routine check of drains throughout the house, however, be sure to check the basement more frequently. 

At the same time, it’s a good idea to ensure seals around pipes or appliance hoses (like your dishwasher or washing machine) are sealed completely.  Also, check around the outside of your home and inspect areas around large root systems. If the roots grow into and around old pipes, it may cause cracking and blockage.

A Hard Freeze

Those who live in colder climates are likely aware of the danger to pipes that are exposed to the elements, and the importance of protecting them during cold snaps.  If the pipes are not correctly insulated during those bitterly cold days, there is a possibility of damage to your home from a burst pipe. 

If you live in a more temperate climate, you can still have the odd hard freeze that causes extensive damage, as seen recently in parts of the South.  Even those homes which have utility pipes located within an outside wall can be in danger of a burst pipe if the temperatures get low enough for a long enough duration.

Water Overflow

Your air conditioning system sometimes accumulates condensation.  Over time, mold, debris, or algae builds up and will cause a clog – causing overflow into a drainage pan underneath the condensing unit. 

A problem with water damage can arise when the drain is clogged and the pan overflows.  This can cause extensive ceiling damage.  Because water travels to the lowest point, it is not always easy to detect the culprit right away leading to water spots, stains, and eventually falling pieces of ceiling drywall.


It’s happened to almost everyone at some point.  You turn on the faucet to fill the sink or tub, get momentarily distracted by a phone call, and by the time you have remembered the running water it has overflowed the tub, bathroom, hallway.  It’s hard enough to clean up the water, but this type of water damage also affects flooring and carpet, baseboards, drywall, and possibly subfloor or ceilings.


When protecting your home against water or moisture damage, it is important to incorporate reviews of the areas discussed into your scheduled inspection plan.  You can easily add a few checklist items to your home maintenance list.  Prevention is the goal, but early detection is also key should any of these issues pop up, saving time and money. Companies such as BenzVac LLC can offer a solution to your problems. Their services can help businesses and residential clients like you.  So contact them if you’re located in Northern NJ.

A small sink leak can normally be quickly repaired with a new washer or fixture.  And the occasional small water spot on the ceiling, which showed up after the last big storm, might be easily fixed with a paint touch-up (after the roofer determines there is no additional problem). When you discover a larger area of damage though, one that requires professional help, you will need to have the phone number for a respected contractor available.  With their expertise, you can be well on your way to having your water damage repaired completely.

These are by no means the only areas where and when water can harm your dwelling.  They are, however, the main reasons that you might need to call in some help.  Now that you know the main reasons for potential water damage to your home, you can be diligent in your maintenance and prepared for any outcomes.