Disaster Recovery Service

Disaster Recovery Service

When you hire BenzVac’s disaster recovery service, you can rest easy that your clean-up needs will be taken care of. Whether you suffer a fire or flood, regardless if it’s your residence or commercial space that sees extreme winds slice through walls, windows and destroy powerlines, or a tree comes crashing through your roof, we will be there at your schedule to make your space re-inhabitable ASAP.

As the premier professional DR service servicing the tri-state area, we are ready to help you right now!  We have locations in both NJ and NY.  See info below:

BenzVac New Jersey

BenzVac New York

BenzVac also offers air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney cleaning, mold removal and more.

The Many Disasters We Can Never Predict

Having your HVAC duct systems clean and inspected regularly. Getting long-hanging trees trimmed. Making sure your gutters and drains are free of debris. All this and more will keep your residence or commercial property safe. But disasters befall us all the time. There are just too many things that happen to disrupt our lives and businesses that we can’t predict. And lots of these unseen occurrences put us out of our homes, leaving thousands of dollars in property damage and, in some cases, keep us from ever returning to where we once lived and worked. Yes, disasters are, well…disastrous.

BenzVac is here to help you through the process of recovery. To put your life back on course. To make your home or business safe again so you and your customers can return. We are the one disaster recovery company that will be right by your side to help you pick up the pieces.

Let’s Get To Work Right Now!

It’s no surprise that the very last thing you want to do is even try to think about getting back to work or returning to your home after a fire has blazed through. A flood can leave your home, as well as your family devastated and fearful. But the simple fact about disaster cleaning and recovery is that it needs to happen as soon as the fireman has put out a blaze or the emergency crews have come and gone and secured the area.

Time is of the essence for your disaster clean-up because:
For commercial as well as residences, disaster recovery clean needs to happen as quickly as possible. Call BenzVac now to get us out to you.
In all that we do, the BenzVac company works for your safety and security first and foremost. Nothing is more important to us than for you to return to your home or business and to feel safe in that space when you do. It’s for this reason that we offer affordable rates and a flexible schedule for our disaster recovery, all so you can get your life back as quickly and painlessly as possible.
The disaster is past. It’s the time to heel. Let NJ’s best and most reliable DR service help you get back to normal.


Powerful, certified, state of art equipment and air cleaning tools

Extensive experience and continuous training of our technicians

Limited warranty with 100% results upon completion

Work efficiency and flexibility. Our technicians can be dispatched with no delays





8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Commercial & Residential

BenzVac is the experienced group that you need to cooperate with in order to keep your business space free of residue, soil, pet hair, allergens, and different contaminants that develop in air ducts. The contamination not only leaves a bad impression on your employees and clients, but It also increases the costs of cooling or heating your space and makes for an ineffective HVAC system.

BenzVac covers New Jersey, New York City or Connecticut, commercial and residential real estate areas with our fleet of well-equipped ductwork cleaning trucks that can handle all your cleaning needs.

Why choose BenzVac for Disaster Recovery Service?

Our ductwork cleaning service includes clearing up the buildup, dirt, contamination, pet hair, and shape spores from your air ducts, which improves your indoor air quality and improves the efficacy of your HVAC system. Our goal is to ensure your indoor air is cleaner and healthier than ever. We have genuine, extensive expertise in air conduit cleaning and are devoted to our practice. We are conveniently located near you. Our prices are competitive, with discounts offered to commercial clients. We are even better than your average cost local vendor!

Professional Materials

Using handheld vacuums to clean your whole house is time-consuming and impractical, not to mention a waste of your time and strength. Here at BenzVac, we recognize that regular cleaning gear may not be sufficient for clearing a wide network of pipes and ducts. We possess and work only with commercial-grade conduit cleaning machinery. Compact hardware is utilized for the adequate circumstance, for the most part during a portion of our business air conduit cleaning process. Using high quality, professional gear is highly important for clean ventilation. Contact BenzVac today in order to avail our high-quality services.


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At the point when you’re prepared to call and schedule your appointment, ensure you pick a certified contractual worker to guarantee the activity is done well. Do not lookfurther, call BenzVac now!