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Cost of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Do you wonder what is the cost of commercial air duct cleaning? Let’s discuss how to figure out the price.

Indoor air quality is now more crucial than ever because of the global pandemic. In the last two years, people have already been living under the dread of COVID-19. Lockdowns enforced people to stay indoors. 

The virus was already attacking from all sides, and there was no space left to get sick from poor indoor air quality. This is why indoor air quality has gained more importance due to the global pandemic.

If you are the owner of a commercial facility, it is your responsibility to keep the air as clean as you can for the benefit of everyone who uses the space. Getting commercial HVAC duct cleaning for your building is the best strategy to guarantee a healthy indoor air filtering system.

You should prioritize routine air duct cleaning and maintenance to maintain the cleanliness of your facility. Otherwise, your company, staff, and finances can all be badly affected as a result of dirty air ducts. This makes commercial ac duct cleaning vital for your commercial facility.

Regular HVAC maintenance lowers the significant cost of HVAC inefficiencies while also ensuring the safety of your staff and consumers.

Let’s find out what factors impact the cost of commercial air duct cleaning

IMG 1241 225x300 1 The cost of commercial air duct cleaning

  1. Labor Charges

Charges for commercial HVAC duct cleaning are at least 30% higher as compared to residential, costing $— to $— per hour on average. There are several reasons why commercial work is more expensive.

To begin with, most companies have custom ductwork. Furthermore, commercial HVAC systems are sometimes significantly bigger and more difficult to maintain than residential ones. Last but not least, due to their scale, commercial projects typically include more furnaces, blowers, and air conditioning systems.

  1. Taking Cleaning Costs into Consideration

The following factors will be taken into account by the air duct cleaning company when estimating the cost of commercial air duct cleaning.

  • Count of VAV boxes
  • Linear feet of return duct work
  • The number of coils
  • The number of air handlers
  • Linear feet of supply duct work
  • The number of registers and grills
  1. Ductwork Accessibility

Commercial buildings may benefit from custom ducting, but these aren’t necessarily the simplest systems to maintain. They become more labor-intensive as a result, which may lead to higher system cleaning costs. Even though it won’t always be the case, it’s important to keep this in mind when estimating the cost of commercial air duct cleaning.

  1. Miscellaneous Fees

At times, the ac duct cleaning is not enough. While air duct cleaning, the air duct cleaning company may find some electrical faults that require fixing. The air duct cleaning service may charge for equipment rental or travel fare.

  1. Degree of Contamination

Commercial ductwork can occasionally develop mildew, filth, and dust buildup. The cost of commercial air duct cleaning can increase depending on the degree of mildew or even mold contamination. The duct cleaning cost may increase if the ductwork needs to be repaired due to mildew or mold.

Since commercial air duct cleaning is more complicated than in residential settings, it’s crucial to get a personalized quote from an air duct cleaning company. The variety of HVAC systems that can be used in commercial facilities must also be taken into consideration, in addition to the building’s square footage and many vents.

Commercial buildings have distinct components from residential ones, necessitating various cleaning procedures. In general, it’s advisable to hire a professional air duct cleaning company that has the skills and equipment needed to safely and effectively clean your commercial air duct system.

What is Air Duct Sanitizing and how it affects the cost of commercial air duct cleaning?

It’s not hard to understand how commercial air duct cleaning helps in providing toxicant-free airflow. The other thing that you should be familiar with is air duct sanitizing. Air duct sanitizing is not done by cleaning metal air ducts through the transmission of heat. 

All the collected dust, debris, and allergies are removed when you have the air ducts in your commercial property cleaned. Your air ducts may further be given a sanitizing treatment. While the cleaning instrument is still in space and under negative pressure, a sanitizer is delivered into your duct system.

  • It decreases mold and mildew growth and potential development.
  • It also reduces any offensive aromas that travel through your building in the duct system.
  • It improves overall air quality.

Having your air ducts frequently cleaned and sanitized is never a hassle or a waste of money. You can see the positive effect on your building.

The Significance of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning is necessary to ensure everyone working in the building is safe and healthy. If you don’t perform routine cleaning, dust and debris may amass and flow into various building rooms. Exacerbated allergy and asthma symptoms, a higher risk of upper respiratory infections, poor indoor air quality, and ineffective air filtration could result from this.

  1. It Prevents Mold Growth

As a result of high humidity and water intrusion, mold growth may occur in the air duct system of your company. If mold is present in the ducts, it releases spores that move throughout the building. 

Some people may get severe allergic and asthmatic reactions as well as upper respiratory infections as a result of this. With regular air duct cleaning, you can ensure that there is no mold growth inside your air ducts.

  1. Office or Home Cleaner

It’s a very solid indication that fine dust is circulating in your indoor air if you’ve ever observed a coating of dust appearing soon after cleaning, or if you’ve spotted dark lines on vents, light-colored furniture, or carpets. The professional air duct cleaning company will reduce the amount of cleaning by lowering the quantity of dust that circulates in the air.

  1. Cost Saving

It is well known that dirty air ducts consume more energy. Higher energy bills may result from this. The furnace’s having to work harder than normal causes the heating bills to soar. At some point, you’ll have to replace your furnace filter as it will stop functioning due to the constant strain. Additionally, this will make it necessary for you to pay for expensive repairs.

  1. Pests Wipeout

Pests frequently enter a company’s duct system and cause problems. Hair and nesting materials can be left in the ducts by rodents and insects. In the vents, certain animals can die. Commercial HVAC duct cleaning enables the removal and cleaning up of any unwanted particles that may enter a space and negatively impact the indoor air quality in either circumstance.

  1. Fire Safety

Lint-based materials are commonly found in both home and workplace furniture. Your ductwork may become clogged with furniture lint, which poses a fire risk since the lint can heat up and start a fire. Once it starts, this form of fire can quickly spread throughout a building’s structure.

Air Duct Cleaning Advantages

The heating and cooling systems, as well as the well-being of the building’s residents, are all protected by keeping the ac ducts clean.

  1. Longer Durability of HVAC Components

Debris and dust that enters your ductwork can cause excessive damage to the fan motor and other parts of your system. The components live much longer when the ducts are kept clean since this attrition is prevented.

  1. Better Air Quality

With a clean air duct, fewer airborne particles of dust, pollen, mold, and pest waste will be found in your indoor air. Air duct cleaning can benefit people with allergies and asthma even if it hasn’t been shown to improve any health conditions.

  1. Improvement in HVAC System Effectiveness

The fan motor needs to work harder to deliver conditioned air to your rooms because debris in the ductwork reduces airflow through your system. A clean air duct enables smooth air flow and allows the motor to use less energy for proper functioning. 

With air duct cleaning, less dust is found on the evaporator coil of your air conditioner. Air duct cleaning is especially useful in the summer as even a little dust on the coil impairs the efficient functioning of your ac.

How Frequently Should Commercial Property Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Conducting an annual evaluation is one of the best ways to identify how frequently your commercial property requires ac duct cleaning. Try to take the time to evaluate the current state of your ducting and ventilation systems if it has been some time since your last air duct cleaning

If you have a large commercial property, then you should ask your maintenance team to give you an update on the status of all commercial ac ducts in the building.

If you operate a small business, then you can use a ladder, and some basic tools to look for signs of dirty ducting in your HVAC system and registers. With just a screwdriver, you can get to a lot of important places, like your air return. 

Don’t be afraid to examine your AC air ducts, you don’t need a degree or expertise to do so. If you find any dark or black debris accumulating on areas around the exterior of the vent or within the register, this is a clear sign that you should contact an air duct cleaning company and get done with duct cleaning as soon as possible.

When Should You Go for Air Duct Cleaning?

  1. Animal Excrement

The unpleasant appearance of animal waste in or around the vents of an HVAC system is a sign that they require evaluation and cleaning. In such a situation, calls to an exterminator and a reputable HVAC service provider are typically required in this situation.

  1. Noisy Ducts

It goes without saying that you should pay attention whenever you hear sounds coming from your ducts. Popping and banging could be signs that your insulation is causing the metal to expand and compress in freezing temperatures. 

Rattling could suggest that certain parts aren’t connected, while loud whooshing could mean that your HVAC system is too big for your ducts.

  1. A Soiled Return Grill

Visually inspecting the air return grill is a quick and easy way to determine the condition of the air ducts. A vent called an “air return” pulls air from a space and sends it back to the main HVAC system. If the grill on this vent is dirty, it may be a good indicator that the ductwork is dirty.

  1. Clogged Air Filter

It’s probably far past time to replace your air filter if you can’t recall the last time you had it done. The dust particles often settle into your ductwork if it is completely covered in dust and debris.

  1. Reduced Air Flow

During the winter, you may discover that the heat isn’t operating as well. Perhaps the building is not cooling off enough in the summer. Maybe there is a noticeable shortage of airflow. Any one of these (or more) is a reliable sign that the ductwork is blocked or otherwise constrained.

  1. A Rise in Your Electric Bill

All of your systems ought to operate as effectively as they possibly can all year long. However, inexplicable increases in your energy bill may be a sign that the airflow is being hampered by dirty air ducts. In such a case, it is recommended that you contact air duct cleaning services to get professional help.

The Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

Let’s have a look at the complete process of commercial air duct cleaning.

  1. The Examination

Before beginning any work, a thorough assessment of your facility’s ductwork will be done to assess the level of dirt and debris as well as any potential damage.

  1. A Work Schedule

For you to know how things are going to be executed, your air cleaning company will give you a document explaining the work scope that has to be done as well as the procedures that will take place. Before any actual work is done, you should also be given the techniques to be employed and a schedule.

  1. Protective Covers On Equipment

The professionals from your air duct cleaning company will cover any equipment that can be damaged by dust and particles during the cleaning process, such as computers, desks, filing cabinets, copiers, and so on, before beginning any cleaning.

  1. Service Initiations

Wherever possible, the air cleaning company experts will use already-existing service openings to carry out the cleaning operation. 

However, to thoroughly conduct commercial HVAC cleaning, new service openings might need to be installed if the current openings can’t support a full cleaning procedure. All-new opening installations will be finished following safety and air control requirements set by the industry.

  1. A Ceiling Opening

It can be essential to remove ceiling parts to gain access to the ducting system in some instances where the service apertures are insufficient to finish the cleaning process. When the cleaning process is finished in these situations, the ceiling pieces will be replaced.

  1. Diffusers for Supply and Return

After the cleaning procedures, all, dampers, diffuser boots and grills, and diffusers will be removed, cleaned, and then replaced.

  1. Ductwork for Supply and Return

Using a power brush, air wash, or vacuum, the air duct will be cleaned internally. Internal duct parts include louvers, ductwork interior, dampers, ducts, fiberglass insulation, etc.

To remove and suction dirt and impurities from the ductwork, a portable vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filter is put into the openings. This cleaning task depends upon the access of the technician doing the work, so there will be a need for multiple openings in the ducts.

Compressed air is delivered into a duct opening using a hose that has a specialized nozzle attached as part of the air washing method of ductwork cleaning. The air is forced into the ductwork with the help of the nozzle, dislodging debris and particulates that are then pulled through the ductwork, out of the system, and into a vacuum collection unit.

  1. Coils and Air Handlers

Cleaning of air handlers and coils is included in the cost of commercial air duct cleaning process. This includes drive assemblies, shafts, coils, fan housings, louvers, dampers, blades, and turning vanes. 

The housing, fan blower, and other interior parts will all be manually vacuumed, cleaned, and rinsed as needed. The cleaning professional will first hand vacuum the coils on both sides before applying a coil cleaner to completely eliminate dust and debris.

  1. Reports on Progress

Your cleaning crew will give you a daily report throughout the cleaning process to keep you informed of how things are going. Any problems or status problems will be highlighted for discussion as well.

Final Thoughts

Commercial ac duct cleaning is vital to provide health safety and indoor air quality for the building’s residents. The cost of commercial air duct cleaning is more expensive than residential since custom ducts are used in commercial properties, which require special tools and expertise for cleaning. 

It is strongly advised that you approach a professional ac duct cleaning company for the duct cleaning. As a common man, you won’t have the special tools and expertise for air duct cleaning, so it is better to leave this to a professional.

Before taking up the ac duct cleaning services, get an estimate of the air duct cleaning cost. Never think that your commercial ac duct cleaning is not worth it because people can largely benefit from an air duct cleaning.

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