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Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation, Yes or No?

Wonder if you need air duct cleaning after carpet installation?

If you have just purchased a newly made home or you are just done with the construction of your new home, you might be sure about the fact that everything is purely clean and free of any dust or other particles.

In an ideal world, absolutely. However, that’s not the case. Frequently, when the duct system is installed, a sizable amount of construction waste can find its way inside of it. Normally, ductwork is installed in a house when the walls and flooring are made entirely of raw wood. 

Air conditioning systems are installed before the majority of surfaces are completed, such as sheetrock, wooden floors, and tiles.

At this time, the floor and wall vents are open, thus letting debris enter the system. Since we have extreme weather here, the workers while working turn on the HVAC system while they are installing finishing materials to work in a comfortable and warm environment. 

This will enable the system’s air return side to absorb sawdust and sheetrock.

Here, the problems arise when the construction debris gets settled into the ductwork and the HVAC system recirculates the contaminated air. I will remind you once again that construction debris is extremely dangerous to human health. 

Similarly, when the HVAC system is installed before the installation of new flooring in the house, the dust produced during the installation makes its way to the ductwork, ultimately contaminating the air through the HVAC system.

Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning after Carpet Installation?

 Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation

Your home’s air ducts serve an important purpose. They make sure that each room’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system air is circulated before being exhausted outside. With this, you can improve the comfort of the interior spaces of your home no matter what the season is.

Your home’s whole air supply passes through these ducts numerous times each day. You must have good home air quality as you and your family breathe in this air. The only way to achieve this is to routinely get air duct cleaning after carpet installation for your HVAC system.

There are many advantages to routinely cleaning your home’s air ducts, including:

  • Air ducts that have been professionally cleaned provide a cleaner indoor environment; less dust circulates through your property because you have a cleaner indoor environment.
  • Lessening of irritants and allergens: In addition to dust, air ducts also harbor a variety of dangerous substances and bacteria. These allergens are eliminated by routine air duct cleaning.

The Bitter Reality of Dust Mites in Carpets: Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation

Your carpets, rugs, and couches gather various types of dust, pollen, and dust mites as the years go by. Chemistries left behind from pesticides and smoke from air pollution are left behind. Even the construction dust from that project is just hanging there.

Dust mites are tiny insects that live in household dust and pet dander that collect on carpets, furniture, and bedding. They are undetectable to the naked eye and smaller than a grain of sand. But don’t fall for it. Even though you can’t see them, dust mites are virtually always present in homes.

These small insects like warm, humid environments where they can find dead skin to eat. Indoor environments with a relative humidity of 75% to 85% are ideal for dust mite growth. They cannot endure situations with a relative humidity of 50% or less, though. Area rugs and carpets are their favorites.

For many people, dust mites won’t ever be an issue in their house, but for people with allergies or asthma, they are quite problematic.

There’s a good probability that regular vacuuming and even steam cleaning won’t be able to get rid of these irritants. What is vacuumed up simply exhausts from your vacuum and returns to your carpets and rugs through the air. And if there are any moist areas, the dust just adheres to them, composting the area.

These allergens and particles not only significantly shorten the lifespan of your priceless carpets and soft furnishings but also negatively impact how they look and may have a significant role in asthma, allergies, and persistent coughing and sneezing.

Despite what some salespeople may imply, regular vacuuming alone is ineffective for lowering the dust mite population. 

The mites adhere to the fibers of the carpet and bedding, resisting being drawn into the vacuum. You can reduce the dust particles and allergen load in the bedroom a little by vacuuming the mattress and bedroom floor once a week.

Whenever you start the process of carpet removal and installation in your home, these dust mites, pollen, and other dust particles get released into the air and eventually enter the air ducts. 

New carpet installation means you are enabling the discharge of new carpet particles in the air, thus deteriorating your home air quality. This is why it is always recommended to have air duct cleaning after carpet installation.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home’s Carpet and Rugs

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home’s soft, porous surfaces is one of the best ways to reduce the impact dust mites have on your allergies.

To significantly improve allergy symptoms, we advise homeowners to:

  • Install an air filtration system with a HEPA filter in allergy sufferers’ bedrooms.
  • Ensure that carpets, area rugs, and fabric-covered furniture are regularly cleaned by using hot water extraction. For every rug or piece of furniture, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Vacuum with a CRI-Green-labeled HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner.

Many people inquire about steam cleaning carpets to eliminate mites in carpets. House dust mites are killed by quick-drying steam. However, steam adds moisture to the material and flooring if it does not evaporate quickly enough. As a result, the mass becomes denser and more challenging to remove with a standard vacuum. 

In essence, it creates a deteriorating environment, and if it isn’t dried enough, mold spores may grow.

When Should I Call for Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation?

  1. Energy Efficient Home

Your house was constructed with energy efficiency in mind. Since energy-efficient homes are insulated more tightly than typical homes, air moves more frequently inside them than it does in conventionally constructed homes. 

This makes duct cleaning even more crucial because a house that is well-sealed and has children, pets, or a lot of wall-to-wall carpets may gather dust, mildew, or odors more quickly than a house where outside air can enter the house more freely.

  1. Stains on Carpet

Carpets often have noticeable stains, matted fibers, or black lines along the borders. If your carpet has dark lines around the edges or where it meets entrances, dirt is probably getting in through cracks in the walls, underneath doors, or through broken screens. Soil buildup may cause the fiber to become tangled. Heavy stains require removal treatment.

  1. Dust Accumulation

If you regularly dust and do the cleaning but still find dust in your home, this means that dust may be hiding in carpets and ducts. This calls for thorough air duct cleaning after carpet installation and general carpet cleaning. 

Furthermore, it may be a clue that your ducts are dirty if you constantly need to replace furnace air filters because of dust or other deposits.

  1. Allergies

You suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions. Having your carpets and ducts professionally cleaned can lower your exposure to allergens at home if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses, or if you are allergic to common things like pollen, pet hair, or other airborne particles.

  1. Bad Odors In Home

It stinks. Smells may indicate the presence of mold, moisture issues, or deeply embedded stains that require expert cleaning.

What is Indoor Home Air Quality? Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation

We often talk about indoor air quality, but what is indoor home air quality? What does it mean by “quality air”? Well, first and foremost, indoor air is the air you and your family breathe in. Naturally, it is important that the quality of air be good and healthy enough to keep people healthy and safe from respiratory issues. 

However, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. There is less air movement and a buildup of toxins inside your house. They cling to walls, carpets, rugs, furniture, air ducts, and other surfaces. Because of this, it’s crucial to get your house professionally cleaned, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

Professional air duct cleaning after carpet installation, sufficient ventilation, and bringing some plants inside are just a few ways to enhance indoor home air quality. 

Furthermore, for good home air quality, you should change your air conditioner filters frequently as per need and thoroughly clean your carpet as dust mites, pollen, etc. hide in your carpets and rugs. 

Especially if you are just done with carpet removal and installation, it’s best if you call air duct cleaning services for detailed duct cleaning of your HVAC system.

New Flooring in the House and Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation

When a new home is constructed, usually at first HVAC system is installed. Installation begins with the HVAC system even before the flooring, drywall, installation, and other sources of dust and debris. In the ductwork, drywall dust, sawdust, and other debris will build up during this period.

Contractors will operate the HVAC system(s) after installation and throughout the renovation process. When the device is operating, all construction-related dirt and debris are drawn into your ductwork. This is especially true when sheetrock or painting is being done, because HVAC systems are being used to hasten the drying process.

Even if contractors promise they won’t cover the vents or don’t turn on the HVAC unit(s), this is not absolute evidence. Drop cloths that cover the vents can readily be moved, so there is no assurance that they are always used. Even the floor’s duct apertures have been seen being used by the cleanup staff as a “dustpan.” 

The best course of action is to have air duct cleaning after carpet installation and construction, after the installation of new flooring in the house, and after carpet removal and installation.

Signs My Ducts Need Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation

Up till now, we have been clear that homeowners should have duct cleaning after carpet installation and construction, after the installation of new flooring in the house, and after carpet removal and installation. However, apart from these situations, you should have duct cleaning when you witness the following signs.

  1. Mold Growth

Mold growth or mildew buildup is a surefire indication that it’s time to clean the AC. Condensation frequently accumulates in HVAC systems. This may show up as mold along the air duct grill expanding.

But it can also cause mold growth in various areas of the house. Having mold growth in your air ducts means that the air you breathe in has mold spores since the HVAC system is dispersing those spores throughout your house. Airborne mold spores can have a major negative impact on your health. 

If you’re having difficulties keeping mold out of your house, call an HVAC professional for HVAC duct cleaning.

  1. Increasing Energy Prices

Your annual heating and cooling expenses ought to be somewhat predictable. Clean ductwork may be to blame if you receive a bill that is substantially higher than usual, particularly when compared to the same period last year.

Sometimes, ductwork can get so dusty that the HVAC system in your home can no longer circulate air freely and effectively. 

When this occurs, keeping a reasonable temperature requires more effort from both your furnace and air conditioner. You and your family will pay more utility bills as a result of this increased energy consumption.

It’s important to note that not all the time, the buildup of debris in your air ducts makes your system work harder. Any energy wasted through leaks in your ductwork reduces efficiency and raises your energy costs. Not only will hiring an air duct professional remove dangerous impurities, but it can also clear out any leaks.

  1. More Serious Allergies than Usual

Have you seen an increase in the severity of your allergies? This can be the result of unclean air ducts. Your HVAC system is dispersing dirty particles and heated or cold air throughout the house.

The dust, mold, or other particles you’re inhaling may be making your allergies worse. Check the air ducts if you believe you are having an allergic reaction to something. They might be to blame.

Your first line of defense should be to clean your air ducts. Consider purchasing an air purifier to assist in reducing interior pollution as an additional measure.

  1. Musty Odors

You might have unclean air ducts if you discover that you can’t get rid of a certain musty scent in your home. Check to see if the scent gets worse the next time your HVAC system starts up.

Dust that has been burnt by the HVAC system’s heat might give off musty odors. If you’ve let dirt or dust accumulate in your air ducts, you might be able to smell it burning. This is a loud warning that it’s time to clean your air ducts.

  1. Stale Grills

Your window into a wall-mounted air duct serves as the “grill.” Through these vents, your HVAC system will circulate hot or cold air into the rooms of your home.

The presence of dust on your grill is a surefire indication that the duct’s interior needs cleaning. This is a result of the grill becoming clogged with dust that is being blown through the duct’s interior.

Although a little dust on the grill is nothing to be alarmed about, it is better to clean it down. A dirty grill acts as an alarm to arrange regular air duct cleaning.

Are There Issues With Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) In Schools Because Of Carpets?

The use of carpets in classrooms reduces noise, accidents, and injuries. If the school has a moisture or water intrusion issue, such as a leaky roof, the carpet and many other materials may have IAQ issues.

If carpeting is left damp, it may serve as a breeding ground for microorganisms, which frequently have detrimental impacts on human health. Reinstalling carpets and other furnishings that have been significantly water-damaged should be done after steam cleaning and thoroughly drying.

For instance, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will be released into the air for some time after a new carpet system is placed. 

Through the use of appropriate ventilation strategies, these emissions can be greatly decreased, though not eliminated, in the first 72 hours. Any floor covering system used in schools should have low VOC emissions.

Throughout a typical day, a dirty carpet can discharge a sizable amount of particles into the air. Additionally, small kids might play on the carpet, where they might be more likely to come into contact with toxins that haven’t been eliminated by consistent, efficient vacuuming.

This is why a significant emphasis on professional air duct cleaning is placed to help in protecting the health of people. 

Regardless of the place where carpet or new flooring is used, it is advisable to have scheduled air duct cleaning to prevent dust and dirt particles from setting in the ducts and contaminating the air.

Final Thoughts: Air Duct Cleaning After Carpet Installation

Air ducts play a major role in determining the quality of the air we breathe indoors. 

Dust, mildew, or bacteria-filled air ducts can seriously jeopardize the health and safety of your house or place of work and make breathing difficult. In the first place, we should try to eliminate the sources of dust and dirt. After all, without having to worry about keeping the air ducts clean, you should be able to breathe pure air.

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