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what does water damage cleanup consist of?

What Does Water Damage Cleanup Consist Of?

What Does Water Damage Cleanup Consist Of? 

When you are dealing with water damage, it can be a daunting task and you may be wondering, what does water damage cleanup consist of? Some people do not even realize what constitutes as water damage. There are a lot of things that would be put under the category water damage.  Knowing what exactly water damage clean up consists of and hiring the right professional service is key when handling any type of water damage problem or disaster recovery issue.

Surviving a disaster

Water Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance 

If you leave water damage too long, it can cause a lot of problems. Most of them is damage and in return, money out of your pocket. Most people have homeowner’s insurance. You may be wondering if it is covered. Well, yes and no. 

The damage will be covered if it was accidental. This could include bursting pipes from the cold. If you have flooding in the area, the homeowner’s insurance is not going to cover it. Let us look at what is covered and what is not. 


  • Leaky Roof 
  • Storms 
  • Frozen Plumbing 
  • Vandalism 
  • Mold (If from water damage) 
  • Water Damage (From Fire) 

Not Covered 

  • Sewer Issues 
  • Seepage 
  • Floods 
  • Improper Maintenance 

Now let us talk about the cleanup process.

What Water Damage Cleanup Consists Of


The process of cleanup when it comes to water is simple, remove any standing water. Any water that is still standing when you go to clean, remove it. If you leave standing water, it can cause more damage. 

Keep in mind that water is going to be able to spread fast. This means that the longer you leave it sit, the more damage there will be. If the area is safe, utilize towels. You may also use a wet vacuum as well if you have one. 

Keep in mind that this is the first step. If there is more than a foot of standing water, it is always best to call a professional company to come help you cleanup. They will ensure that the water does not damage further and can provide mold remediation if your property has mold. They will have better materials to clean the standing water with.


The next step is to ensure that you take any rugs out of the area. After all the rugs are out of the area, make sure they are hung to dry. You are going to pick up area rugs as well. It is best to have a few people to help lift these rugs. The water quickly soaks into these area rugs, and they are heavy. Put this outside to dry with the help of a friend. 

If you have smaller rugs, you can wash and dry them. However, keep in mind that they may need to be hung out to dry first. If they are too saturated it would be best to hang them first. 


You are also going to want to ensure that your furniture is not sitting on the wet floor. You will want to use wood blocks or anything you can utilize to raise the chairs, couches, and other furniture off the ground. This will help reduce further water damage. 

You will also want to ensure that you raise any metal objects off the ground. This will help you to avoid rust. 


If you had anything lying around, make sure to wash it. You will want to do this to all clothing, rugs, towels, stuffed animals, and whatever else you may find. You may also want to wash drapes if they have gotten wet. 

Air Circulation

The next step is to dry the area out. This is another important factor when considering your questions what does water damage cleanup consist of. You want to turn on your ceiling fans. You will want to gather any other fans that you have access to. Have them all pointed to the wet area. It is also wise to open windows if it is warm out. If there is a nice breeze through the window, it will help the area dry quicker. 

Hiring a Professional 

If you do not believe that you can take on a project this big, hire someone. Companies such as BenzVac offer water damage cleanup and a variety of other services too. You do not want the water sitting around more than it needs to be. Water can cause a lot more damage than you think. Hiring a professional is going to help you speed up the process, however, it will cost more. 

Take the time to determine how extensive the damage is. If there is more than a foot of water, you should always consider a professional service to help with the cleanup process.

CONCLUSION: What Does Water Damage Cleanup Consist Of?

It is important that you realize when to call a professional. If you believe that the damage is not extensive and you can take care of it, follow the steps listed. This will help you. Take the time to assess the damage before tackling the project. You must also make sure that there is nothing in the water. This means any sewer products. We hope we answered your question of what does water damage cleanup consist of so we wish you luck!