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Fire damage service


Do you need a fire damage restoration services New York? Fire damage clean-up and remediation is a service that BenzVac is especially well known for. And it’s unfortunate that many of our clients experience the devastating affects of fires to both their businesses and their residential properties. However, when BenzVac is able to come in and help, we can truly make a difference. Our unique fire restoration services handle all of the problems associated with fire damage to a property.

You need a professional fire damage cleaning company trained to deliver cleanup services. BenzVac is that company.

Fire damage restoration services new york

Do you know that more people die in a fire from inhaling smoke than they do ever get burned? Even if you, your family, and even your customers are fortunate enough not to encounter smoke from your fire, smoke still leaves its mark on your property in the way of soot.

That fine black dust coating gets everywhere, working its way through the pores of walls and into furniture. And while you can see soot and almost taste that charred scent, only a professional fire remediation crew knows how to clean all the soot from the premises completely…and knows where to find it when it’s hiding deep.


fire damage restoration services new york

Water can flood in from so many sources when a fire has gutted a space. Then there is the score of wet chemicals and water left behind after a firefighting crew comes through to extinguish ablaze. BenzVac is expert at extraction, drying, and thoroughly sanitizing a space after it has been flooded or saturated with water. We offer expert water damage cleanup services in NJ and NYC.


There is so much debris, toxins, and other microscopic materials floating in the air of a fire-damaged space. BenzVac personnel is trained to expertly fire damage restoration services clean-up interiors to make sure they are thoroughly decontaminated from these toxins. Our HVAC duct cleaning and complete sanitizing assure you that the air you breathe is clean and healthy for your family or employees.

The Fire Protection Association lists the top five fire causes as:

  • Cooking
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Smoking Candles

Fire is certainly something we need in our lives, but it is an element we truly can’t control. Left to its own devices, it can devastate any space, indoor or outdoor, and cause uncountable property damage and the unfortunate loss of life. There are even people who encounter a fire and are so traumatized; they can’t ever go back to their home or business after a fire has run through even after fire damage restoration services.

At BenzVac, we do not let fire win. We are here to provide fire damage restoration services clean-up all the specific concerns of fire damage, returning you to your home or shop with the peace of mind that all has been cleaned, dried, and sanitized.


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