Anywhere you come to lay your hat, raise your kids, dig in your roots, you can call home property storm damage insurance. And a large number of U.S. citizens live on the east coast of the United States, in New Jersey, in fact. And while the state takes its fair share of mocking, from “The Jersey Shore,” T.V. show, to its colorful slang, residents of the Garden State love living in N.J. as much as anyone living anywhere else.

Property Storm Damage Insurance
Property Storm Damage Insurance
But there are some specific home clean up, repair and damage clean-up concerns an east-coaster encounters, mainly from the change of seasons.

Beyond having to bundle up to January’s wet chill or having to start leaf raking the weeks leading to Halloween, N.J. residents are aware of how the seasonable weather changes can wreak havoc on homes and commercial properties. 

All too often, a heavy and dangerous mid-winter ice storm will blow through towns like Clifton, Upper Saddle River, or even an urban burb’ like Newark, taking down power lines and causing fires to N.J. homes and places of business. Springtime wind storms have been known to lift ocean water across beaches, flooding the basements of homes in towns like Manasquan or Tom’s River. 

Plenty of rainstorms run through the area in March or early April, where standing groundwater seeps into outdoor mini-mall stores.

In the past few years alone, New Jersey home and commercial property storm damage has been legendary!
Residents in Arizona need to protect their properties (as well as themselves) from extreme heat conditions. Floridians come to fit Hurricane windows into their homes. Folks living on California coast towns have dealt with mudslides. In New Jersey, residents and business owners come to appreciate and consider the unique contingencies of the weather that comes with the change of seasons on the upper east coast.
And the unique need for professional clean up and damage crews.

BenzVac, located in New Jersey and serving the New Jersey-New York area, offers professional clean-up from all these weather problems and even the damage that can come from them…seasonable or not.