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Kitchen smell inside the air ducts? # 1 Solution

Kitchen Smell Inside The Air Ducts? What can be the cause and what is the solution?

In warm weather, we depend on our air conditioners to keep us cool and cozy. However, a problem like a bad smell emanating from the air conditioning vents can be problematic. 

It’s not always simple to determine where the odor came from because a properly functioning AC vent fan should disperse air evenly across the entire house. The root cause of the problem can be identified by noticing a certain smell.

For instance, kitchen smell inside air ducts or food smell inside air ducts can be annoying. Cooking might be enjoyable, but nobody enjoys the smell of spices and garlic mixture filling the entire house.

Homes’ vents can allow odors to spread throughout the house and fill entire spaces. Unpleasant scents will bother you even after you have completed cooking your food, even though you may enjoy cooking. If you find it offensive, consider how your guests may feel if your home has a kitchen-like odor.

Ways to Prevent the Spread of Cooking Smell in the Home and Kitchen Smell Inside The Air Ducts

  1. Ventilate The Kitchen

Ventilate the kitchen space before you begin. When cooking at home, the first thing you should do is set up adequate ventilation. Continue venting for another 15 to 30 minutes to get rid of any leftover scents.

Open the windows and doors before you begin cooking if you intend to prepare some meals. Start circulating the air in your home. You may prevent the aromas of cooking from permeating the entire room by leaving the windows open. 

You may be certain that the stench will lessen as fresh air is replaced after the kitchen and other areas of your house are adequately ventilated. As the fresh air replaces the kitchen smell inside, you can be assured that there won’t be any signs of the emission of kitchen smell inside the air ducts.

  1. Utilizing A Good Range Hood

A high CFM range is a great option for eliminating food odors at the source. In CFM, the amount of air that is moved is measured. A high value of CFM indicates that more air will be moved by a range hood.

Natural Baking Soda Usage

Another method to eliminate lingering scents in the house is to use baking soda in various locations. Fortunately, baking soda is inexpensive and has a reputation for being able to absorb offensive odors. 

Some people even place it inside the refrigerator to be sure it eliminates all types of offensive odors.

  1. Use A Charcoal Filter Splatter Screen

To prevent smells, splatter screens will prevent liquids and food from splashing onto your backsplash or stovetop while you cook. But because this charcoal filter also absorbs culinary aromas as you cook, you might be able to put an end to both splashed tile and bad kitchen odors all at once.

  1. Try Using a Plug-In or Countertop Air Purifier

Additionally, use a portable air purifier while you cook. It’s not only a practical way to quickly deodorize your kitchen before unpleasant smells, particularly those brought on by smoke, spread, but it also eliminates bacteria, viruses, mildew, and pet dander from the air. An air purifier can also help to sanitize stale spaces.

  1. Use Your Stove Exhaust Vent

Use the exhaust vent and fan on your stove if it has them. When they function effectively, they have the power to capture the majority of the vapors coming from the stove or oven. 

Although they can be loud, employing them is worthwhile. If there is no stove exhaust vent or fan in your house, open the window and place a box or table fan facing the nearest window or door. 

By turning on the fan, you can direct the odors toward it and out the window. Even though it isn’t as efficient as a stove exhaust fan, this is still better than doing nothing.

  1. Avoid Obstructing Intake Vents

That much is certain you never want to block those intake vents. By trying to draw in additional air from the remaining open vents, the system is merely strained as a result of doing so. This may result in an air conditioner that malfunctions just when you want it to function properly.

Even though they can be difficult to exclude, certain areas can be free of kitchen odors. If you have central air conditioning, you should take whatever steps are necessary to get rid of the odors before they spread. In the absence of that, maintaining the AC system’s filters in good condition will help keep the air in various rooms odor-free.

Various Types of Odors and Kitchen Smell Inside The Air Ducts

Any smell emanating from the air conditioning vents might make living in the house uncomfortable. The ductwork in your home distributes conditioned air to each room, which allows any unpleasant odors to travel with it. This makes it a bit more difficult to locate the issue, but with a little research, you can find the source of the unpleasant scent.

Unpleasant odors in your air vents can have many different reasons and produce a variety of odors. Determining the sort of smell can help you locate its source so you can address the issue.

  1. Decaying Trash

Nobody likes to have their air ducts emit an uncomfortable odor like rotting garbage. The most likely reason for a smell like this in your home is a dead animal stuck inside your ducting. 

Animals of various kinds seek warmth and refuge as the cooler fall and winter months approach, occasionally finding their way into our homes’ ducting and other difficult-to-reach spaces. 

Sadly, some of these creatures eventually die within the house, and the decomposing bodies generate a really unpleasant scent. It needs to be taken out as soon as possible.

  1. Stinky Feet or Dirty Socks

Mold or mildew is most likely to blame if you notice an odor coming from the HVAC vents that makes you think of stinky feet or soiled socks. This widespread problem demands your prompt attention. 

Mold growth in your ducts can exacerbate allergies and severe respiratory illnesses for anyone living in your home. If the scents seem worse in one room or vent than in another, check them both. 

You may remove any minor mold stains on air vents by wiping them down with a disinfectant cloth. However, you might want professional remediation services if the mold and mildew are more extensive inside your ducts.

  1. Rotten Egg Smell

If you notice a rotten egg smell in your house even though you don’t have eggs in your house, then this is probably a sign of a gas leak. Even though natural gas is odorless by itself, the majority of utility companies add the odor to warn consumers of a leak. 

Don’t disregard this. Call the gas company after opening your home’s windows and leaving right after.

  1. Food Preparation

The act of chopping, dicing, and cooking some foods can leave behind overpowering smells. These odors can be absorbed into the air duct system, where they, over time, intensify and become rather revolting. 

As a result, you have a kitchen smell inside the air ducts or a food smell inside air ducts. Grease from frying can also be released into the air, where it can cover air duct intakes and walls. Even if the smell of old grease is terrible, it can be eliminated with expert cleaning.

  1. Moldy or Musty Odor

The most common problem with HVAC systems is certainly an odor similar to mildew or mold. There is a lot of dampness within the air conditioner when it is operating. If the moisture isn’t adequately drained, it can go into the ducts and mold growth can start to appear. 

The issue can be resolved by locating the mold buildup and having it cleaned up. An HVAC expert is qualified to resolve the issue and make sure it doesn’t come up again.

  1. Sewage

There is just one typical reason why your vents might smell like raw sewage. The scent could be caused by a sewer line backup or a crack in a plumbing or sewer vent pipe. Your home’s ducts may be able to disperse the odor if it is placed close enough to them.

  1. Burning

If you smell an odor and think something is on fire, you should first check that nothing is on fire. After you are sure that nothing is on fire, go ahead and check the heater. The fan may malfunction if you find that the burning smell is worse near your heater.

Numerous mechanical problems can create friction, which quickly overheats the fan and sends a burning odor throughout your house.

How to Remove Odors from Your Air Conditioning System and Vents

It’s common for cooking odors to travel outside of the kitchen. Many people seal off bedrooms and other areas so that lunchtime scents like garlic and broccoli won’t linger when people are trying to go to sleep. 

However, the odors are likely moving through the HVAC system if you continue to detect strong smells in distant rooms whose doors were shut. They can move through exposed ductwork and are also propelled by strong heating and cooling systems. 

While you can’t completely stop scents from entering the heating or cooling ducts, you can help the system work well and make it much more pleasant to breathe in your house.

First, do these two things:

  • You should inspect your air filter as soon as possible. Replace the air filter frequently, as a clogged air filter might leave your house with some really nasty odors!
  • If you have to make sure that your air filter is fresh and clean, add some baking soda to your air ducts. Pour a container of baking soda or the entire box into your air duct and leave it there for a while. 
  • This will eliminate the kitchen smell inside the air ducts. Thus, you’ll no longer smell cooking odors in your home.
Clear the Condensate Pipe and Clean the Evaporator Coils

If the issue is a dirty condensate line or evaporator coil, you might not be able to get rid of the smell on your own. 

Although you can add a little amount of white vinegar to your condensate line to stop it from blocking and producing odors, in any case, it is safer and better to call HVAC experts for deep cleaning of evaporator coils and condensate pipe.

Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier or a UV air purifier can also be useful if your air conditioner is functioning properly, but you still smell something off. Both of these purifiers are excellent at eliminating minute particles that cause odors.

Vacuum the Duct and Vent Cover

You should concentrate on the vent cover in addition to the duct while trying to eliminate odors. Vacuum the ducts and between the slats after unscrewing the vent from the wall. Gather all the dirt, dust, and dingy cobwebs stuck there. The duct will be easier to clean if you vacuum it thoroughly.

Cleaning of Vent Covers and Ducts

The vent cover and duct can now be cleaned with warm water and soap after vacuuming. Using disposal wipes for cleaning purposes can be really helpful. However, you can remove more tenacious residue with the help of a brush and other cleaning equipment. 

Additionally, before replacing the cover, it is advised that you put baking soda in a bowl and insert it into the duct.

Check the Kitchen Exhausts

It is best to have an exhaust vent or a window in your kitchen (or both). Have the vent checked to make sure it’s operating properly. Cooking smells can be exacerbated by defective vents or vent fans installed backward. Start using the vent after it has been examined and, if necessary, fixed.

Many people regularly use kitchen exhausts vents while cooking. However, others don’t use kitchen exhausts. If you don’t have a kitchen exhaust and you use only a window, then use a window fan so that it can vent air outside. 

When you remove the odor at its source (such as the kitchen), it reduces the odor throughout the house.

 Kitchen smell inside the air ducts

Issues with the Kitchen Exhaust System and Contemporary Fixes

The kitchen’s delicious odor permeates the exhaust system. If the air ducts are dirty, it could cause a stink. On the canal walls, organic debris such as grease and carbohydrates builds up. It is an ideal environment for bacteria and other germs to flourish.

While cooking, frying, or baking, kitchen exhaust vents accumulate more odors. This presents significant difficulties for those who work in the food service industry, along with the spread of infections. 

Cafes, hotels, and restaurant management should consider air duct cleaning and understand that food odors inside the air ducts spread throughout the facility via duct work. 

Air duct cleaninghelps ensure the provision of improved air quality by removing all particulate matter trapped inside the air ducts of the HVAC system.

Odor-Removing Appliances for Kitchens and Homes

A great cleaning impact is achieved when CleanAir Plasma and UV technologies are used together. This approach conserves resources because it doesn’t take a lot of energy. 

Because many people breathe in commercial facility indoor air, such cleaning systems must be used. Improved air quality is critical for both the health of customers and the preservation of the company’s reputation.

Cleaning the Kitchen Ducts and Exhaust Air

Commercial kitchens and dining establishments, particularly those where deep fryers are routinely utilized, release huge volumes of grease into the air. Heat energy, odor molecules, soot, and grease particles are all present in the vapors. The heat changes the state of the grease, making it either liquid, gaseous, or aerosolized.

By venting the fumes, heat, and odors from the kitchen while simultaneously supplying fresh air, kitchen ventilation should create a healthy working environment. If the kitchen ventilation system functions correctly, the rest of the property and surroundings should not be negatively impacted.

Cleaning the kitchen duct and exhaust air allows for the following benefits:

  • Improved heat recovery.
  • Enhanced fire protection.
  • Fewer odor issues.
  • The ability to use less expensive ventilation materials.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Fewer negative environmental consequences.
Final Thoughts

If your home has persistent odors, it’s possible that your ductwork’s trapped particles are to blame. A dirty air duct system can not only hold onto smells but also circulate them throughout the property. 

Different smells that are noticed in a house have different causes. Food odor inside air ducts is one such type of smell that is quite annoying, especially if you have guests at your home. 

There are many preventive steps for getting rid of bad odors, and we have already discussed those. Air duct cleaning is one such useful solution!

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