Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Spring

5 Free Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Spring

5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Spring

In this post we will explain 5 free air duct cleaning tips for Spring. So grab your laptop and let’s get started!

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities, you have to maintain everything, replace lights, clean the windows. It seems like a lot, and without guidance it can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. So without further ado, here’s some tips on cleaning and changing the filters of your air ducts. Then hopefully you can at least knock one thing off of your endless list of homeowner to-do’s! Here are 5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Spring 2022. 

  1. Change the filter and do it regularly
  2. Vacuum the sides of the air duct
  3. Spend the extra cash
  4. Check the measurements
  5. Wipe down the screen

Let me give a little bit of an explanation as to why you need to do things and clean your air ducts this spring. For one it will help with seasonal allergies and it’s just a great thing to do. Nobody likes going in blindly. 

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Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Spring


Air Duct Cleaning Tips Fo Spring

TIP 1: Change the Air filter and do it REGULARLY

It is easy to forget to replace the filter, especially when you get caught up in the busyness of life. Air duct cleaning tips for spring. But if you do this simple task every couple of months, it will make your life easier and you sinuses thank you. Because if you have a dirty filter and you never change it, that means the air in your house goes through a dirty filter and therefore you won’t be getting fresh air. Just change it every couple of months, and it will change your life. 

TIP 2: Vacuum the sides of the Air duct

ALWAYS  remember to vacuum the sides of the duct when you change the filter. All the dust and grime that you see when you change it is just going to add to how dirty you air (the air that you constantly breath in) will be. So if you have something like a Shopvac, use the extension and take the time to vacuum the sides. Air duct cleaning tips for spring. This keeps the air clean, and by doing at least every couple of months, it will not let the dust build up and become a problem. 

TIP 3: Spend the extra cash!

Do some research if you don’t believe me, but the higher quality filters will give you higher quality air. The low quality fiberglass filters don’t do much, and they have to be changed more often. They barely clean you air, and compared to the better filters they just can’t compete. So spend the extra couple dollars and it will help you and your house to be fresher and more enjoyable to be in. 

TIP 4: Check the measurements

DEFINITELY check the measurements of your duct before you go and buy the filter. Don’t rely on memory because you are probably wrong. As a person who previously worked at a hardware store, this was a huge problem. People would think they knew what they needed, but by the time they came to the store they would either second guess themselves, or not even know they needed a certain size. There are many different sizes of air ducts out there, so make sure you get the right measurement. 

TIP 5: Don’t forget to wipe down the screen

The screen that covers the air duct can often become dusty and grimy, just quickly wiping it down with a wet rag will just be another thing that keeps your air cleaner and your body happier. It is a simple task and it helps you immensely. Take the extra time when you change the filter, and you will be thankful later. You don’t want to be the person whose house you walk into and it just feels stuffy and dirty. Be the person that has a house people always leave feeling refreshed and ready.

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Conclusion: 5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Spring 2022

Our world is constantly being polluted by cars, factories, and technology. Our air isn’t healthy and that means we have to give more effort to making the air inside our homes fresh and healthy to breathe. Hiring a company for allergy house cleaning services and sanitizing services is one important step you can take. It isn’t ideal but it is necessary to our family. Doing this extra thing will make your home a place that calms you rather than suffocates you. A place that you can relax and feel at peace. So do this one task and it will make your life easier and your home a better and healthier place to be.

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