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A Cardboard Olympic Bed? What About Athlete’s Living Space CLEANING?

A Cardboard Olympic Bed? What About Athlete’s Living Space Cleaning?

As you see in this report, there has been lots of news, tweets, and even TikTok videos posted about the beds Olympic athletes are sleeping on during their visit to the 2020 Summer Olympics. But bed comfort aside, are these men and women thinking about the cleanliness of the rest of their living quarters? A professional HVAC crew would be concerned with mold remediation, whether or not dryer ducts were unclogged, and the other possibilities for fire or toxins in the air. A hard bed is the least of anybody’s worry!

Indeed the Olympic committee has had the living quarters cleaned professionally. This is residency on a global scale, well viewed by the world (the bed question is proof of how people are paying attention). But the potential for cleaning concerns compound with the increased number of people living in a space. Just consider your home, the number of people in your family, the pets you might live with, and even how social you are; more visitors bring more of the outside in.
The everyday New Jersey homeowner has lots on their mind other than ‘cardboard’ beds. Even the most diligent cleaning and daily chores will not save you from those microscopic toxic particles floating through the air, stop those leaks behind walls you won’t find until you are wading through a puddle, or alert you to how big a fire hazard your clogged dryer duct system is. It takes expert HVAC crews local to your area coming in to assess, access then attend to the above problems (and more) if you have them.

BenzVac is Olympian at residential cleaning of duct systems, mold remediation, furnace and chimney cleaning…and so much more. You and your family need to live worry-free and enjoy your comfy beds.